CC camera video Rashard Lewis Sleep Lebron James Girlfriend "Savannah Brinson" | News Live News

CC camera video Rashard Lewis Sleep Lebron James Girlfriend "Savannah Brinson" | News Live News

Rashard Lewis Sleep Lebron James Girlfriend "Savannah BrinsonNBA’s squad Rashard Lewis past a night with James Girlfriend "Savannah Brinson"

It's is really true news today happened this history. LeBron James has struggled in the NBA Finals, scoring 11 points total over five fourth quarters and looking disinterested in action on the court during Game Four.

CC camera take this video. recently published this news. Savannah Brinson also accept this news. Finally she said Savannah Brinson love or like Rashard Lewis and she make a relation with her life partner.

Claims someone who phoned in to 97.9 The Box:

"My buddy has a place in Orlando... and he lives among some athletes that live there. Needless to say he golfs, drinks, and parties with some of the best people in central Florida. So when word got to him while at the bar last night, he called me. Word got out while drinking with friends, that Rashard Lewis slept with Lebron's girl while visiting South Beach."

When the Lewis rumor began, is was awfully hard to believe from the onset.

Regardless, it's just another distraction for LeBron to deal with as he attempts to gear up for Game 6, which now becomes the biggest game of his life.

No matter what James does, there are going to be criticisms about his game, as he's undoubtedly the most scrutinized player league wide.

In Lewis' vehement denial, he refers to the NBA as a "sorority", and "we don't do that to each other".

I always thought that the league was filled with a bunch of divas, and Lewis' statement pretty much validates that belief.

I think Lewis meant to say fraternity, but I certainly don't want to put words in his mouth.

Enough people have already done that for him.

If James can come out with a big performance in Game 6 and silence his critics to force a decisive Game 7, these rumors could evaporate rather quickly.

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