Ramadan begins 02 August 2011 | Live News

Ramadan begins 02 August 2011 | Live News

Ramadan, the month the moon in different places in the country on Monday, Tuesday, kept him from the start of the Muslims do.

The month of Ramadan moon appears to take place the evening of the national mosque Baitul mokararama committee meeting of the new moon of the Islamic Foundation, a national conference decided to start counting the months.

During the last 59 minutes and 3 pm Tuesday seharira iphatarera time of 41 minutes, 6.

Paraparai Mosque Mosque Muslim prayers on Monday night esara jamate tarabira prayers do. Tarabio will end all Mosque.

Bhorarate devout Muslims will follow the ice until sunset on Tuesday bhorarate taste.

Islamic Foundation, the National Mosque Baitul mokararama hall meeting at the end of the meeting of the National Committee of the moon with the decision of the president dharmapratimantri Shahjahan Mia.

Monday evening at 7 at the State and the religion of the Moon National Committee under the Chairmanship of the Committee meeting, the president Shahjahan Mia.

Meeting and the Secretary Kazi Habibul Lord, director general of the Islamic Foundation Mohammed samima aphajala, the national mosque Baitul mokararama khatiba Maulana salaha No gold was present.

Five Pillar of Islam is the religion of him. Dharmamate Islam, Islam is a way to achieve atmasuddhi.

Muslims fast from evening to morning, not only to him, but the terminology is all earthly comfort him - to relax the body - to protect the mind.

Month of the Muslim holy book, the ¤ pradayera Al - Quran was descended.

President's Message

The occasion of Ramadan, a month ago, President. Yes, and Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina has a different message.

The President said that he regards pradayake ¤ banite desabasisaha the world, "Fasting the rich - the poor by mutual sympathy, love and peace, brotherhood ¤ s unique role in establishing."

Desabasi the occasion of Ramadan, and Muslims in favor pradhamantri ¤ pradayake said.

Ramadan to encourage education in all bhogabilasa, envy - envy, petulance, and eliminate the conflicts between personal and social life of peace, love and brotherhood ¤ 's call for the establishment.

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