Turkey quake current news, death 3 | Live Update News

Turkey quake current news, death 3 | Live Update News

Today the medium quake attracted by Turkey. at last 3 people kills and 28 are ill. More house and tree are damage Turkey quake. Turkey quake Van hotel topples.
Turkey quake current news, death 3
The US Geological Survey said the earthquake measured 5.7 magnitude would not cause any human or material loss under normal circumstances but the fact that the buildings which were damaged in the previous quake were not entirely emptied. It struck at 9.23pm on Wednesday.

5.7 magnitude earthquake killed at least three people in eastern Turkey on October 23, 7.2 magnitude earthquake which killed more than 600 people and left thousands homeless in the same area.

Two earthquakes in 1999 with a magnitude of more than 7 killed almost 20,000 people in densely populated parts of the north-west of the country. In a grim replay of scenes from last month’s quake in the same region, men climbed on to piles of debris and frantically clawed at twisted steel and crumbled concrete in an attempt to find survivors.

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