UK spouse visa ban under 21 | Live Update News

UK spouse visa ban under 21 | Live Update News

Britain has reinstated minimum age for the UK marriage visas to 18 after the supreme court ruled that its ban on non-EU foreign spouses under-21 was unlawful.

Following this reinstatement, some 5,000 foreign spouses will once again be able to enter the UK from the age of 18, starting Nov 28.

The ban, introduced in 2008 by a Labour Party government, stated that foreign spouses and their sponsors in the UK must meet a minimum age of 21, instead of the previous age of 18, before the foreign spouse could be granted a visa.

The Tories and the Liberal Democrats welcomed the law at that time. Although it was designed to stop forced or underage marriages outside Europe, the UK supreme court ruled that the change disproportionately interfered with the rights of those who were in genuine marriages.

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