Air France Flight AF477 crash and victims found many days latter | News Live News

Air France Flight AF477 crash and victims found many days latter | News Live News

After 2 year search recently found Air France Flight AF477 victims.

After many days ago Flight AF477 went down on its way from Rio to Paris. More passengers are victim this Air France Flight AF477 crash but total victims are not found this time. Try and try many of the days recently found wreckage with bodies of passengers.Air France Flight AF477 crash and victimsFor nearly two years, searchers have been scouring the Atlantic on and off in the hope of finding the Air France Airbus A330-200 that fell out of the sky on its way from Rio to Paris, and there it was. At least part of it – a pair of wheels resting on the seabed nearly 4,000 metres from the surface, two engines and a large part of the fuselage – was still intact.

Then, from the sunless depths, came other images no one had expected. As the Remus robot submarines swept the submerged wreckage, there, clearly visible, were the bodies of some of the 228 passengers who perished when flight AF447 plunged into the sea, several still strapped into their seats.

After the information was relayed back to Paris, it fell to Nathalie Kosciusko-Morizet, minister for ecology and transport, to break the news. "There are bodies still in the part [of the plane] that has been found," she told French radio. "I'm not an expert, but it appears the whole thing didn't explode … there is a part of the cabin, and in that part of the cabin there are bodies" – bodies, she added, "that could be possibly identified". She said France would begin an operation to bring the wreckage and human remains to the surface within the next few weeks as the search to find the plane's flight recorders, the black boxes that may solve the mystery of the crash, continues. [Read more: click here]

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