Zawahri new al Qaeda leader after Osama bin Laden | News Live News

Zawahri new al Qaeda leader after Osama bin Laden | News Live News

Zawahri new al Qaeda leader

Today the hottest news of the world Zawahri new al Qaeda leader after Osama bin Laden death. Details reports published today [TV report]. Osama bin Laden's long-time lieutenant, Ayman al-Zawahri, is now the leader of al Qaeda, TV report says.

Al Arabiya television reported on Thursday that the Egyptian-born Zawahri vowed earlier this month to press ahead with al Qaeda's campaign against the United States and its allies, in what appeared to be his first public response to bin Laden's death in a US commando raid in Pakistan in May.

The news channel gave no further details.

Zawahri, whose whereabouts are unknown, had been seen as bin Laden's most likely successor. [source, bdnews24]

About Ayman Muhammad Rabaie al-Zawahiri : Ayman Muḥammad Rabīʿ aẓ-Ẓawāhirī; born June 19, 1951) is an Egyptian Islamic theologian and terrorist,[3] who was the second and last "emir" of the Egyptian Islamic Jihad, having succeeded Abbud al-Zumar in the latter role when Egyptian authorities sentenced al-Zumar to life imprisonment. As of May 2, 2011, he is assumed to be the sole figurehead of al-Qaeda due to the death of Osama bin Laden.[4] He has a $25 million bounty on his head for information leading to his capture.[5]

Al-Zawahiri is reportedly a qualified surgeon; when his organization merged with bin Laden's al-Qaeda, he became bin Laden's personal advisor and physician. He had first met bin Laden in Jeddah in 1986.[6] Al- Zawahiri has shown a deep and radical understanding of Islamic theology and Islamic history. He speaks Arabic, English[7][8] and French. Al-Zawahiri is under worldwide sanctions by the United Nations Security Council 1267 Committee as a member or affiliate of al-Qaeda.[9] [source wikipedia]

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